Look at all our smiles!

At The Purple Train, we believe strongly in our tagline – Learning through a journey of discovery. To achieve this, we actively organize fun-filled activities for our little ones alongside the usual class curriculum so as to aid each of them in the journey of discovery that they partake with us. These activities range from the celebration of national or international festivities and observances along with field trips or excursions during every term holiday of the academic year.

Through the celebration of the national observances like Chinese New Year, Racial Harmony Day, Hari Raya, Deepavali etc. we aim to instill national values into our children and educate them on Singapore’s unique multi-racial society. Our celebration consists of engaging in enriching activities like cookery and crafts in accordance to the holiday of observance. Excursions are carefully planned during the term holidays to suit the themes the school adopts for each of the four terms in the academic year. It is during such excursions that children get to explore and be exposed to the world amidst a unique learning environment each time.

The Purple Train Gallery is a collection of little moments and precious memories capturing our little ones’ spontaneous learning during these occasions.